I see that you have come here to seek some great wisdom, or some mighty knowledge, but all of that pursuit is folly.

You can pass on wisdom and knowledge. You can train others to walk your path. However, when you do, you remove their path, and you put them in bondage that you have been walking through.

You may exclaim that you have become victorious over your trials, but if they walk the way you do now, then your trials were never theirs to begin with. You may have found the secret for your success or desires, but is it theirs? What is in their heart? What fills them?

When I help shed darkness from one’s life, it isn’t about what they must do, or what great wisdom I must put on them. What I give them is what was done for them. Why was it done for them? What is their gain for it done for them? If I pass a law to their flesh, it is just to keep them from walking off a cliff, or into a fire. But my law has no strength, and cannot bind, so is it a law? No, it is just my observation.

Do you want to walk in my shoes? Don’t. My path was dark, and dangerous. To walk my path is to say that it was superior to the path that is before you. You have your path. If it is in Christ Jesus, then it is a righteous path, and will take you far. If it is a path of this world, then shine the light of Christ on it, and see that this path was not your path, but the path of those who were dead or dying without Christ Jesus.

Walking by the path of Christ is not warring; it is not full of theft, and commands, and violence. It isn’t filled with hate, or viciousness. Walking by the path of Christ is walking by the love of God. It is walking knowing that the Shepherd is near, and will not let you go alone.

By chance, if you die before your time, then it was your time. How can it be otherwise? But to see another way, if you die early, then your path was finished early that you could walk by earthen feet. Mortality has to be shed that you may put on immortality. Death must be shed that you can put on life. Christ must return that we, who are alive in Christ and asleep in Christ, may join with him, in our immortal bodies, for we will have shed death.

You walk by Christ, not that you seek what he would do, but what he did. What would he do is to walk the path that Jesus Christ did, but when he proclaimed it is done, what are we to do? Can you finish that which was already finished? Is it foolishness to build the house that is already built, and founded on a strong foundation? Why would you try to build the house again, and find another foundation? We are already on the best foundation, the Rock of Ages, the Christ Jesus. Any other foundation is loss to us. For we would build a new house and it will topple or sink, and be no more.

How shameful many seek another Christ other than that of Christ Jesus not even knowing who Christ Jesus is. They seek a new miracle, not seeing that another new messiah is no more than another thief stealing the love of God from them, that they may seek the love of flesh.

But can see blame those who seek prophets from men when the whole of all nations seek the great prophet from elected men who wield ink and paper as if it were a great power, and order devout men of lost purpose to lay down their lives in the blood of other men’s sins. There is no salvation for those who have turned from Christ Jesus, to seek their own glory by the flesh, and sword, and ink and paper.

Men will rise and fall; nations will come and go; mountains will fall, the land will shake, and the people will cry “ABBA!” before their false kings of rot and flesh. Take no heed! These are distractions. The power of God is the Word of God. It lives in the hearts of those who seek God and call him Father. It comes for those who have come to know that their flesh is for nothing more than pleasure after its own kind, then death, then rot. Dust your life started, and Dust it ultimately returns.

So should you die of condemnation for the sins by the flesh? Does dirt die because it is dirty? By our flesh we are already dead. We were born by the flesh into death. You start life crying and wailing, grow into a young person full of lusts and mighty ambitions, and then grow old filled with regret, and die crying and wailing. What ambition is in death? What is your flesh besides dust? Regard not your flesh, for it is the habitation of sin, but regard your life in Christ.

He was the first of many. As a wheat plant, his seed was first, and the blossomed into many seeds, then died and his seed was scattered. He was then taken up again, to site at the head of the Body of the Chosen, the body of Christ, His body of Christ.

His seeds were carried by his first born brethren, that they would spread the same seed to all who would believe. We are but the dust which that seed was planted into. As we water that seed, keeping our minds on what was done for us in Christ Jesus, and remove the weeds that would choke out that seed, casting down Imaginations and all high things that stand against the knowledge of God, then, and only then can we walk, knowing that we are holding in captivity the obedience of Christ Jesus, to keep that seed free of distractions. That seed is eternal, where we, by the flesh are temporal.

When the universe dies, the surely all flesh shall die. When death of all comes, it is in those, who have invested themselves into their future life, which will stand after that judgement, as they were judged worthy to hold the seed, and fully come into their victory.

What foolishness can stand against that victory? What mysticism or mythology of the flesh can stand forward against the eternity of Holy Spirit and not be exposed by the lies of the flesh.

You read this and either decry hallelujah and amen, or meh is not but dogma. But I say, your words are your judgement, and they carry the weight of your future. Seek not your destruction, but the salvation that is in Christ Jesus.

And many who scream with delight, for they see the light of Christ in this letter, will still cry to the ballot box, and the elected official, and the media, and the government officials, and grumble that your own will not be done. How shall your will have any measure without the victory of Christ. How can you influence one man but to pay him to his god, which is mammon, and give up your eternity with Christ. Are you not above all things of this world? Are you not of the RISEN Christ? Then why do you fall to your hands and knees to pray to such men that would steal from you in your favor, and give but a portion back to you in means that you may not have wanted.

Is it not God who should receive all glory and tithes that his people’s cabinets may be filled with food, and his people’s feet shod with good shoes? But you would have elected men, send messengers to you and your neighbors to steal your money, and when you refuse, to steal your lands, and jail you by their paper and ink. And you will bless them and curse God, because you will have forgotten that He told us to not make for ourselves kings and rulers.

How can you sing songs of praises to God, and yet you pay to the devil. Your songs are hollow to him who would want to hear from you and sharp to him who steals from you. You have replaced the living God with dead flesh as it wobbles and stumbles as in imaginations as if it were alive. However it only breaths the recited lies of the death of this world, which it passes as the new gospel, which isn’t a gospel, but a new law that binds us all in new sin.

Oh how silly you have become to seek death, and glorify it in an orgy of political screams of falsetto ecstasy. Chanting the verbal drums of your next savior, who will fail too, and still leave you in debt, and death. You are lost until you finally turn back to Christ Jesus. You are blind until you finally open your eyes to His light, the light that he reflects from God Almighty.

El Shaddai, Elohim, YHWH, Jehova, “I am”; his names are righteous, and we have missed them for too long. Rejoice that he has not set us aside and forgotten us. His love and grace is immeasurable. Rejoice and be glad that even with all we have failed, he counts us as his own, and resides with us and in us. Rejoice that we are counted among the living, not by our hands but by His plan from the beginning that Jesus would be the perfect lamb to bring us back to Him perfectly. Rejoice in that the work is done. Rejoice.

Originally posted at: https://brianbyexperience.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/distances-travelled-on-the-wrong-paths/

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