This is the placeholder for a new site and ministry that is coming soon.

Without Sin is a ministry that focuses on what was done for you through the labor of Jesus Christ.

When he was on that cross and stated it is finished, we believe he meant it, otherwise the writings of Paul would be made useless.

If you are a web developer, and looking for something to do, we are looking for volunteers. Skills that we are looking for:

  • Front End
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Javascript (ECMA 5+)
    • AngularJs 1.4+
    • Twitter Bootstrap 3+
  • Backend
    • Undecided
    • Plan A – .NET on Linux (Yes you can do that now.) against MySQL
    • Plan B – .NET on Windows (Yes you can do that now.) against MySQL
    • Plan C – PHP on Linux against MySQL
    • Plan D – Yes, there is a plan D, but we are still considering what that may be. Because at the moment it looks like sticking with WordPress.

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