Not Seeing The Violations Of Nonaggression (NAP) Against God’s People

Problem 1 – The Unrecognized Violation of NAP.

Some Examples

  1. The evil God (The bloody God who looks for reasons to slaughter people.)
  2. The bondage God (The God who wants robots and slaves)
  3. The thoughtless heartless God (The God who only wants to support his vanity, and we are to be screwed at his whims.

The problem with these is that they are all lies. I’ll cover more on this later.

Problem 2 – Inconsistencies and Contradictions

  1. Failing churches of traditional religion, rather than growing churches of the body of Christ Jesus.

Some Examples:

  1. The trinity, which that word is not found in the scriptures. (I am not denying any name or claim Jesus made of himself. The word trinity just cannot be found in the scriptures, and man’s titles for the Father and the Son as but dust compared to the ones that he gave himself. And as for the Holy Ghost, which is Pneuma Hagion, this is more literally translated as holy breath or holy air. Pneuma is air, and hagion is holy. So why do I need to create new names for God when he has given us so many that describe him so perfectly. Let’s not mess this up.)
  2. Paul was told to not go to Jerusalem, then they prophesied for him to not to go to Jerusalem, even Paul said that his spirit withheld him from going, yet he went and all the bad stuff happened. But yet, Paul was supposedly doing what God wanted? This is really an issue of punctuation, chapter breaks, and verse breaks. If your church isn’t covering these transnational issues with you, then you are not getting the word of God.
  3. “I try to base my political views on Christ.” Wha?! Christ Jesus again and again snubbed the governments. Tax collector tried to collect taxes from Jesus, his answer was that if they found any coin in the fish caught, that would be used to pay taxes. Great isn’t it! Even better was the turning over of the tables in the temples from the money changers. And there are more. However, the church teaches obedience to the state, and conformity to the church of the great and terrible business called government.

Undoing the damages of and to Man

To start with the bible was never originally written in English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, etc… The bible was written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Old Testament was Hebrew, and the New Testament was Aramaic and Greek, and even Mathew was found to also be written in Hebrew. That being said, the books of the bible were never broken down into Chapters, and Verses. Just looking at the Epistle of Paul, to the Romans, which was a letter. Here we made it into a book of the bible. But we didn’t just call it a book, we added chapters, verses, punctuation, and italicized words. It was a letter. Read it as a letter. Go even further, and remove the punctuation, and see where the sentences naturally break.

Let’s go one more step into Romans, There is a phrase “Oh Man”. That phrase is not ever to be translated to YOU. It is to be translated to be the NATURE OF MAN. Meaning that Chapters 1 and 2 of Romans, when read with that information, are telling us that we are pretty much screwed by our very flesh nature.

Then when we continue to read, we discover that the law, The Mosaic Law, was never meant to make us perfect, even though it was perfect. But rather, it was designed to point out the one who could make us perfect. It was The Prophesy of Christ Jesus. A law cannot be fulfilled, it can be nullified, but the Mosaic Law was never nullified, it was fulfilled. The law still stands, but we are not judged by it unless we are to ignore that we are saved from judgment by the instructions found in Romans 10:9-10.

So should we sin by the measure of the law? To what benefit? Are we to prove the righteousness of Christ Jesus? He is righteous if you sin or don’t, so why seek sin? Should we resume obedience to the law? We are called the body of Christ, and Jesus is the head. The body cannot sin, unless the head wills it to. So our very existence is the obedience to the law.

Should we resume the sacrifices before the altar? Who would be the priest?

I tell you now, the Lamb of God, made perfect by God, called out to be the payment for our sins was already sacrificed, and you cannot sacrifice a single dove or goat more to change your righteousness that was given to you freely in Christ.

What of the law? What of Idolatry?

If you know who your father is, and he is standing beside you, why would you call a stranger “Dad”? If you are in a perfectly safe house, why would you run outside in the middle of a hailstorm? If there is food at the table, and a seat for you, why would you eat off of the floor? But these are the exact things that we as “OH MAN” do regularly.

God says that he is closer than our very next breath, but yet we turn from him at a moment’s notice to seek our own wisdom on things that are clearly outside of our wisdom. No I am not saying end science, philosophy, and other cerebral works. I am saying that when you hit the wall of knowledge and wisdom, maybe it is time for you to turn to God, and expect Him to provide you with serious inspiration. I make my wages by writing software; and I hit these walls all the time; God does inspire.

But let’s go the next step, why scrounge for scraps on the floor like a dog when the dinner table is set for you? Sit up there and eat as one of the chosen of God. Why stand in the freezing cold like a transient, when you have a warm home in Christ to stand in? Why call a false idol father, when your real father stands right there next to you?

That is the law too us. If we cannot see God, we can see the law. If we are lost outside, we can go to the law and find our way to Christ. If we are starving, we can seek the dinner plan from the menu itself. If we cannot sense God, we can see what is written about Him, so we can see him in our hearts.

“Closer than our very next breath” does not mean that God is outside of us, just waiting for us to inhale. It means that He is in us, waiting to come out and show us who we are to Him.

Why follow God at all?

There is a libertarian statement that I find completely true. “No man is worth following, or worth being called King, if he has to be elected by “inferior humans” or has to use force to bend us to his will.”

This is the great flaw of politics. Man is not worthy to rule over man. Even if he just steps up and claims his authority without election, but still has to use force to enforce his will, then he is a false king.

So that is where the evil bible claims appear to hold their water, but that is a fallacy. Most of the Old Testament has modern translation words added to the scriptures. These are along the path of “bend to my will, or I will torture and kill you.” where they should have been phrased, according to how the Hebrew was written, “Eat of the good fruit and you will be healed, but eat of the bad fruit and you will be poisoned.”

Why would the name God the Healer be used, but yet the example used seems to read like God the torturer? The problem is that the scriptures again and again, in modern translation, accredit the good and the bad to God, when God does not accredit the bad to himself. We see less of this in the New Testament when the Devil is made clearer.

So the vain God is nothing more than our father saying don’t call that stranger standing before me God, and the same God has given us Everything, Heirs to the richness of His throne. Let me explain that, you get everything, you did nothing for it, and Jesus sacrificed himself for you, so you could get it all for free, and you don’t have to do anything to earn it, and you still consider him the God of bondage?

But he doesn’t answer my prayers!

What are you praying for? Are you begging and pleading for it, or are you praying that you can grow into his plan? Look at the prayers of the bible. They fall into pretty darn clear patterns.

  1. Thankfulness. I don’t need anything, I am just thankful that you have taken care of me.
  2. Information. I am lost, but I trust that you will build me us and show me the way.
  3. Weakness. I am weak, but I trust that you will guide me to the path that I can overcome this, and who me what I need to do.
  4. Wisdom. I am about to embark on this event, I thank you for watching over my hands that I may serve the needs of this body of Christ the best way possible.
  5. Imminent danger or distress. Father without your loving kindness towards your own children, I am lost. I thank you for coming to my rescue as you have called yourself my shepherd.
  6. A source of strength. I thank you father that you have called yourself my banner, that I may knowingly come to you and rally with the body of Christ in times of need.

Has he really never answered your prayers? Were you in dire straits and life on the line? Are you still alive now? You may not have seen his hand at work, but if someone came to your rescue, who is to say that it wasn’t God who inspired them to do so? However, if you lost everything, home, family, income, limbs, are you yet alive today? Did you pray for everything to be rescued, or just your life? If it was for another person, were they standing with you in their believing for deliverance? Did you even believe?

Two football teams are coming together for a game. Their fans pray for victory over the other team. Who wins?

It isn’t the team that prays harder. I can tell you that. It isn’t for God to do your sports for you. It is for God to apply as much of his loving grace over the game, to protect as many of the people on the field and stands as the believing of the people will allow. The better team will still win.

So God wants robots and slaves of us?

What is the whole theme and pattern here? He has done everything for us; all we have to do is to accept. Job done. How is that slavery?

In Summary

  1. Politicians are violating the core of Christian beliefs. There is no wiggle room there.
  2. When the bible seems inconsistent, then there are plenty of resources that will help make it clear. I will be publishing more of those on my own too.
  3. God loves us enough that he did everything for us through Christ Jesus, that all we have to do is to accept.
  4. You will have to read my free book Christian Freedom, if you want my notes on Trinity.

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