Though I liked how the old layout was artistically nifty, it had so many problems, I finally had to start over.

Here is the starting point of the start over.

  • More articles per page
  • Browser width agnostic
  • A lot of CSS changes from the original WordPress Skin. You could almost consider it a rewrite in many ways.
  • Article title blocks to have more of a catchy image [1/18/2016 update]

What is still in plan for the layout

  • Change in logo
  • probably a background change of the whole site

Unrelated to layout

  • More teachings on realizing Christ in your life.
    • You have to put on Christ Jesus so that you are covered when the world comes off
    • Turning to the fountain of living waters
    • The renewed mind: Knowing what is good
    • Walking the book of Romans
    • Shedding fear
    • Living your new life in Christ
    • Finally, you can unload the burdens of this world, and still live life.
  • I also see the need to cover some more, by the flesh, type of teachings. I don’t like doing these, because I am not as wise as my father. However these are the teachings that people are still grabbing for.
    • Marriage and the state, vs Marriage and Christ
    • Christ vision
    • The one body, Husband and Wife
    • Grooming your children to think, while they get to learn Christ
    • The work ethic of a sound minded Christian
    • Why the Apostle Paul was so hard to understand 2000 years ago, and why we are still having these problems
    • Circumcision: What was of the flesh, is now of the heart
    • Why all the water, a reality of the water baptism
    • Meditation: Why it was so important in the bible

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