Do not think too highly of yourself, but think soberly of your position in the body of Christ.

  • Did you do any great deed to become saved? No. Was it not Jesus Christ who died on the Cross, and more so took himself up again from the grave?
  • Was it you, who Elohim promised from the foundation of the Earth, to be the redeemer of man? No.
  • What great thing can you do to add or subtract one thing from your salvation? Nothing.
  • Are your works no better than dirty rags before the glory of God? Yes they are.

Of there is nothing in me that can please God, then what is left?

  • Did God not choose you, call you out, before the foundations of the earth to be His child?
  • Did not God say that His sheep will know him by His voice?
  • Are you to sin for sin sake, or are you to renew your mind, that God’s word may do in your heart what it is designed to do?
  • Are you not more precious to God than all the things of this world?

At the cross, Jesus declared, it is done, finished, complete…

If the work is done, then what we need to do is to learn to live within. Nothing more or less. When you get that down, then you open the door for God to move you to do His good works. You won’t find them a labor, but a joy.

This isn’t to be a slave to a harsh master, but being inspired to walk in gentleness, kindness, charity,  perseverance, love.

It may be to pray for one another, or to write sonnets. To help a person to walk, or to provide food for those who have lost the ability to feed themselves.

Grace is found where God’s presence is made known. Know God that you may make his presence made known.



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