If you don’t understand this world, then it is because you don’t see that this world is just dirt. Everything on it is just dirt.

If you hunger for more than dirt, then you are ready to turn to Christ.

Why is it so easy for sin to be forgiven? Is being angry with dirt for being dirty sound thinking?

Why is it so hard for people to find Christ? If you are just looking in the dirt for something that is greater than dirt, then you are missing the point of everything of this world being dirt.

Christ and grace are given to us freely. They had to come from outside of the realm of dirt, otherwise they would just be more dirt.

But if everything of this world is just dirt, then how can we trust the scriptures? Can dirt be formed and baked in fire to become a clay pot? Can iron not be forged into a vessel? Are not clay and iron not just more forms of dirt?

You mistaken the source of grace from the written record of grace. Grace is found as evidence in the pages of the scriptures, but the living grace is on the lips of those who believe and walk with Him.

How then do so many Christians speak evil? If I am human, and I live in a garage, doe that make me a car? If I make car sounds, and proclaim loudly that I am a car, does that make me a car? If I allow people to climb on my back, while I shuffle around, carrying them, does that make me a car?

So what makes one a Christian? To have Christ within. Accept what Jesus Christ did for you at the cross, believe that YHWH raised him from the dead, and make him your lord. Romans 10:9 – 10.

This is never about the works of your flesh, it is about accepting, and receiving what he did for you at the cross. Dirt cannot make itself less dirty by scrubbing harder. Nor more pure by being more of less of dirt. It is still dirt. From dust you came, and dust you will return.

If you believe in the works of Christ Jesus, Messiah Yeshua, then welcome to your new life, your eternal one.

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