There are plenty of confusions about the old testament laws, and the wrath of God to confuse the simplest of statements.

  1. Don’t insult God.
    1. Lying to him, and his people, and not being repentant about it is the equivalent of grabbing a loaded gun, pointing it to your own head and pulling the trigger; it is the absolute denial and refusal of the absolute authority of God.
    2. Don’t treat His words as hollow. When you are given knowledge and wisdom, and you return the favor by slapping it down, it is the same of running into a blazing furnace, without being equipped; it is the absolute foolishness of man to ignore the wisdom of the creator.
  2.  Don’t treat an assignment from God lightly
    1. When you accept an assignment from God, either accept it whole heartily or turn it down. Fulfilling it and being deceitful about the results is trying to deceive God.
  3. Don’t treat God’s people lightly.
    1. God will treasure who He will treasure. Stealing, killing, or deceiving his treasure is stealing from God.
    2. God’s people are not exempt from the first two points.
  4. Don’t treat God’s gifts lightly.
    1. The lamb of God was supplied to wash us from our sins, and to carry us when we still sin. To have a gift, or to benefit from the gift, you have to receive the gift.
    2. God’s own chosen had turned down the gift, so they became the vine that bore no fruit, and was cut from the root. We who believe on the Gift of God, the Lamb of God, His salvation, are graphed into the root, because we bare the fruit of the labor of God. Would you tell the farmer that his perfect fruit is rotten? What have you to judge when your fruit is perishing, and His is eternal? Judge by your own standards and judgement are cast upon you likewise.

How do these things apply?

Look at what happened in Exodus, God’s people rebelled again and again, finally God decided to keep them from their inheritance. They were left in the wilds for a longer time. Those who scouted ahead, and returned with bad news, deception, were killed, because they brought their sin to the people of God.

Even the laws of Levitical and Mosaic laws are written as, don’t sin, but if you do, don’t bring those sins back to the chosen of God. He will deal strongly with those who are disobedient. It is better to run and hide in fear than it was to deceive God’s people.

If one entices them to turn from the laws, then they are treated no better than those who are not chosen, but even worst, for they knew the ordinances. They knew how to walk without such sin, and knew the benefits of walking that way.

However, there are those who repented, and receive according to their repenting heart. Even now, we receive according to our repentance, but we are not punished by our sins, because our unrighteousness is hidden from God, and we are sealed in as the Chosen from the Messiah Yeshua, the Kingdom of God.

When Paul listened to the wisdom of Adonai, God, he walked as a powerful man. However, when he ignored three warnings about going to Jerusalem, he spent many years in trial, transport to trial, and jail. He knew how to walk according to the light of God’s word, but chose to walk by his flesh.

Lesson to take from this, FEAR GOD. Not as someone who is just waiting for you to mess up, but as an inevitable result of walking into the burning lava of an active volcano, don’t ignore God.

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