Dear ordained clergy,

Stop vilifying things. You are only pushing people away from Christ.

You are as bad as the preachers who go on their tie raid about alcohol to alcoholics, or sin to sinners.

People are not going to your church because they are perfect. They go because they are looking for help, or for more in their life.

“I came to give them live”, Jesus didn’t come to give us more judgement, but forgiveness, life, inheritance in Christ in the Kingdom of God.

How is pointing out darkness and more darkness providing light? Give the people light, and let the light dispel darkness. If you have a muddy plate, you don’t take mud and rub it on the plate, and declare it cleaner! You take water and wash the plate clean.

You are acting as cisterns, broken cisterns, that hold no water. You MUST start bringing the people over to the fountain of living water, that they may be washed clean, have their thirst quenched, and grow in the Lord.

A plant cannot grow in darkness, when it was designed to grow in the light, no matter how much darkness you expose it to. A person living in darkness, wearing worn out cloths, cannot see light if you keep their eyes on their darkness, and keep them cold in old worn out cloths.

Get out of the way of the light, and show them the light of Adonai. Show them that the blood of Yeshua has washed them clean of their sins. Let them put down the worn out clothing of natural man, and put on the brand new spiritual clothing of Holy Spirit.

I give you this letter in loving repose,

God bless,
Minister Brian Webb

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