This story is not scripturally correct. It is here to show the distance of time that Elohim has gone to share his strength and life with those who believe.

At one time, there was a wise old host. Day in and day out he held up an umbrella so that when a person crossed his property, the would have a moment when the storm would not pour down on them. The storm could be waved away with a mere word or thought, but without the rains, how would the plants grow. Without the plants, how would the people feed? The plants for food are not for those who accepted the wise old host’s invitation, for they were in the house of the wise old host. The plants were for food for those who chose not to believe, that they would have the opportunity to believe.

The umbrella could be made any size needed. But it was always made just large enough to cover whoever was standing on the lands. For the ground needed the rain, and the rain was for the ground. So, whoever stayed with the wise old host would never be rained upon.

Each time a person came upon his property, he would invite them into his home, to dine with him and stay a while.

Of all the guests that he invites, only a few stayed and dined. Of them, the first was Abrams, who is also known as Abraham, for he was the father of a great multitude of children. So much so, that they were considered a nation. The second was a man whose Hebrew name did not match his royal clothing. They called him Moses. The third was Isaiah, and he spoke much of his host’s benevolence, and told stories of things that have come to pass, and that will come to pass.

Abraham turned to their host, and said: “Oh glorious one, when shall my children come and seek out where I have gone, that they may find you?”

The host turned to Isaiah, and said: “Speak of the vision I have shared with you.”

Isaiah said, “Of all of your children, only a remnant has remained in the trust of the Lord. The others have cast our His name in spite, and have taken on themselves, new lords. Lords that have enslaved them, while making them think that their chains are good and glorious.”

Moses spoke us, “Though we have allowed a generation to pass on before entering the promised lands, and we have provided the word that is the heart of our host, our children have been quick to forget Him. For the seek the one who stalks them, rather than the one who holds the door open for them to arrive.”

The great host stepped out in the storm again and returned escorting another, this one was called Daniel. “Daniel is my trusted servant. He does my bidding out of the love that I have trusted with him. He is trusted with the stories of the fortune of my harvest.”

Moses replied, “A fortune of harvest? Shall we have another famine?”

Daniel spoke up, “We shall have wars and rumors of wars. Great nations shall raise against great nations, and the shall fall in piles of bodies and blood. The false god, a blood god shall raise up again and again. This blood god shall take his portion from the lambs, set to slaughter, which he will have no rights to. He will rise and fall, to rise again and again. Each time he stands it will be with another banner, even a false banner that will be made to look like our host’s.”

Abraham looked sad. But their host gave him an image. One of great value. You will see the lamb. He will be a lion and my child. He will lead your children to me. They will not be your children by blood, but by faith. For your life is an example unto them.

With this great news, Abraham jumped up and started to prepare a place for his children, and he was going to encourage others to join, but the host said, this is your time of rest. Do no such work. For the Lamb I send amongst men, he shall prepare a place for our children once he is here. In him, I will trust all my kingdom until the time has come that he returns what is the fruits of my harvest, the fullness of my kingdom to me. Then we will celebrate and rest.

Comforted, all who were in earshot shouted “Holy! Holy! Holy, is the name, and great is the power and grace of our Lord!”

When the cheers crescendoed, a man in all silvery clothing walked in. He spoke but one phrase, “It is done.”

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