Death, standing before an open doorway, holding the door open, stares into the darkness beyond.

A young man, on a skateboard, races up from behind death, passing him on into the darkness.

Death mutters “Your welcome. I just hold this door open for any fool who decides to blindly charge by.”

Later a young lady, and her children, all gaunt from starvation, excuse themselves, as they walk into the darkness. Before she fully slipped into the darkness, death whispers “Your welcome.”

A 30 some old businessman, chatting on his cell phone, wearing his perfectly pressed suit, walking with great purpose, tips death for holding the door open, as he walks in.

Finally, an old man, wobbly on his knees. He walks right up to death and says, “It’s your turn.”

Death turns to him, “Won’t you come with me?”

“Sorry, no.” said the old man, “My life is elsewhere. This isn’t my door. For my Lord holds my door open for me.”

The door that leads to judgement is open to all, but the door that leads to salvation is only found through Christ.

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