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The word faith, in biblical history, means what you have trust in.

Modern people of all kinds practice faith regularly.
• They have faith that if they do a good job at their job, that they will still have a job the next day.
• People have faith that their car will start when they get in and turn on the ignition.
• They have faith that their refrigerator kept their food good overnight.
• Their family will treat them like family, and not like invaders.

And what happens when their faith is not rewarded?
• The feel betrayed
• They get angry, or disgruntled
• They lose trust

But what if that betrayal was because of a misunderstanding?
• Vehicles need regular maintenance, including fuel.
• They need to show up at work on their scheduled time, and complete their assigned work.
• The family members need to know that they are coming, and if this is the first time ever seeing one another, then they need an introduction.

The big thing to know, is that the this person who is trying to live by faith, needs to understand what is required for that faith.

Science had two types of faiths.
• Scientism – The belief that what ever a media personality says that science claims must be true, even without verifying the information, or challenging that scientific methodology does not have “settled science”.
• Real Science – Observations are made, Hypothesis written, experiments made, and proofs validated or invalidated.

Most people follow scientism, and the evidence is “its settled science”. That expression is the same expression as “take it on faith.”

Theology has as many faiths as their are ears on the heads of those that practice. Even those that are devout generally have their own oxymoron attitudes about a subject, and refuse to see it, because it would mean that they are wrong.

1 Samuel 8 tells us to have no king, and the example looks exactly like modern politics.

Romans 13 says that all authority is from God. But what authority is this talking about? If you read Romans 13 in light of Romans 12, then you will see that the authority is referring to Jesus (Yeshua), his ministers as they stand in His word, and His word. If you read Romans 13 the way it was meant, then we are not giving tribute to government, but to God’s people; We are respecting his prophets and His words; We are walking boldly because we are walking according to His standard.

With this in mind, how can we say that we are obedient to the follies of men, and still walking in righteousness of God?

Your sins are forgiven of you, so why do you purposely try to go walk in sin again?

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