I am out of tears and anger in that I am surrounded by those who will not survive judgment. How many claim to know God or Christ and yet have not read Romans 10:9? How many have no clue to the covenant of the Torah being written in the hearts of God’s people? How many people cry out for mercy Sunday morning then that evening worship the idols of the state and get plastered? How many claim to know Him, but act as if they know Him not.

No man is perfect, no man may clear judgment by his own flesh, but the lamb of God is the foundation of our salvation. We are being saved as we walk in his great works. We are being transformed as we cast down those things that stand against God, and bring into Captivity the obedience of Christ Jesus.

Who was Jesus, who were the apostles? They were Jews. Jesus was first and foremost the Messiah of the Jews. However, throughout the Old Testament, God almighty, creator of the whole universe, and king over his creation, always had room for the gentiles. He always wanted the gentiles to be with Him and His chosen people.

For His chosen people were the bearers and keepers of the Arch, and covenant, and the bloodline for salvation. But now, as we walk the paths that were established by the prophets and saints that came before us, we are counted amongst them. We are now shackled by legalism and bondage of the law but set free to know God personally because as we walk and study God’s heart, which is in His Word, we see Him for his loving self.

I pitty with dry eyes, those who have refused to the that the contractions of the birthing pains have gotten so close together, that we will be in the midst of a storm of misinformation and violence from second to second.

But there is a way out. There is a path that has been sanctified for our healing, for our recovery. For if you confess the Lord Jesus (Yeshua) and believe in your heart that God (Adonai Elohim, aka YHWH) raised him from the dead, then you will be saved. For with your heart, you believe into righteousness, and with your mouth confession is made unto salvation.

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