The following is written by Nathanael Kuechenberg on FB: Post (I’m sorry if you don’t get to see it, as Nathaniel posts stuff that he has to limit who gets to read it. Otherwise, we may get the book-burning treatment of FB.)

For those who have left the traditional Church of Christianity, I have a few things to mention.

First, the Hebrew Roots teachers do not understand Greek or Hebrew grammar. They treat it as a mystic tool for divine revelation and spiritual enlightenment. I would call this “witchcraft” instead of anything from God.

Second, although the traditional Church does have errors in every denomination, we cannot assume that this means that the Greek or Hebrew Grammar or Syntax has been altered. The Bible is still the same. Seminary level Hebrew and Greek classes are still the same as they were taught 200 and 500 years ago. None of the Greek or Hebrew has been tampered with by seminary-level professors.

To prove this, I can explain that in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel (HUJI) the exact same Koine Greek is taught in the Holy Land as is taught by seminaries in the US. Oxford University in Great Britain teaches the same Greek grammar as anywhere else in the world, including Athens, Greece.

Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant Christians all read the same Greek NT and the same Hebrew Old Testament. Nothing has been changed.

The only people who are “changing” it, are the people who are ignorant and leading crowds astray. I will name a few:

These are just a small sample of people who have ZERO knowledge of Greek or Hebrew and think they can print off their own Bibles.

Why follow someone who does not know Greek or Hebrew? To me, this seems a bit foolish. Don’t you agree?

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