The following is from Nathanael Kuechenberg’s Facebook Post.

The way we perceive the world is based almost entirely off the information which we take in.

False information leads to a false understanding of the world.

True information leads to a true understanding of the world.

As I’ve been studying history, I’ve been able to see that the Persian Empire, the Greek Empire, and the Roman Empire all have historical records which are accessible to the general public today.

Harvard University Press has a collection called the Loeb Classical Library. The library was started by a Jewish person named James Loeb about a hundred years ago. The goal of James Loeb was to allow the masses to read through the entire world of classical literature in both the original Greek and Latin for scholars but also have an English translation on the parallel pages.

This particular dream of James Loeb was accomplished. Today the Loeb Classical Library contains over 530+ volumes of little books.

These books include all of the Roman History from the Trojan Wars to Romulus the founder of Rome, to the Republic, to the Empire, and then thoughout the Middle Ages.

Recently (over the past few days) I’ve been studying the Late Antiquity period and Early Middle Ages. This is from 284 to about the 5th century AD.

What I’ve noticed is that my own perception of reality is much different than the majority of the population.

I know people who watch TV and read through the news articles every single day. Some watch the traditional news and interpret the world based off what they see on TV. Others watch alternative news channels online and base their world view off that.

The biggest problem I see with basing one’s sense of reality off the internet is that anyone can make up anything, no matter how ridiculous.

Reading the history of Rome and the Middle Ages is different. The books are written in Greek and Latin. Today it takes a PhD from Yale or Harvard in order to read through the original at a 4th or 5th grade level. This means that no one is sitting down writing or rewriting the Roman History. No one speaks Greek well enough to do this.

I think it’s important for people to realize that we do have history of the world in the past.

Sir Isaac Newton wrote about the prophecy of Daniel and how the history of the world relates to the true interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

I’ve been studying chapters 5 and 6.

These two chapters cover the history given in an entire semester of Yale University lectures. I’ve been taking notes and watching the 45 min lectures repeatedly, sometimes on twice speed, and other times on regular speed pausing to write my notes.

My point is that this particular endeavor is super complex. The history of the fall of Rome and early Middle Ages is not an easy task to learn. It’s taken me many hours of taking notes just to understand a fraction of Sir Isaac Newton’s works.

This shows me how drastically stupid it would be for a person like, say, Michael Rood to think he knows more about the prophecy of Daniel than Sir Isaac Newton. Obviously, no!!! (I use Michael Rood as a prime example since he did claim to be smarter than Newton in his Jonah Code).

Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus and also wrote his textbooks for Optics, Science, Physics and calculus in fluent Latin.

Sir Isaac Newton spoke and read Latin about the same level as Cicero. No one today is that smart. Not to mention he also wrote in Greek!

Sir Isaac Newton knew the Bible and history and language very well. He truly was a genius.

It’s super crazy how foolish people are to think they’re smarter than Sir Isaac Newton when:

  1. They don’t know Latin or Greek (usually comprising 4+ years of college semesters)
  2. They don’t know Calculus I, II, III etc. (usually comprising three consecutive college semesters)
  3. They don’t know the Laws of Physics
  4. They don’t know Persian History, Roman History, Greek History and the History of the Middle Ages (these would take 2 years of studying at somewhere like Harvard or Yale to understand).

Each of these particular topics take brain power and time.

I don’t know Greek or Latin even half as well as Sir Isaac Newton did and yet, I’m currently the top of my class as a Classics Major and get almost perfect scores in the Oxford textbooks for Greek… But that’s nothing compared to Sir Isaac Newton’s Genius!!! The truth is that my professors don’t know Greek or Latin as well as Sir Isaac Newton did, but my professors are the only ones who are even close to the same level.

Arrogance seems to be a dominant emotion in today’s world. People think they’re smarter than everyone else. But they’re not. The information they hear and read online is not that accurate. I don’t care if you believe in the tradition TV or listen to David Icke or Alex Jones. The issue is that the only way that it’s possible to think is with information. Whatever we fill our minds with will be what we think about. It’s our duty to fill our minds with good things.

I should note that the Bible makes more sense too when you know the history. It’s like flipping on the switch from “darkness to light, from world of becoming to the world of being” as Socrates would have said it.

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