How Constantine Honored the Sabbath According to Eusebius:

In Eusebius’s “Life of Constantine”, book IV, chapter 18, the story is narrated of how the emperor established the public commemoration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection on Sunday.

What is probably forgotten by the Hebrew Roots and Torah Observant folks is the part where Eusebius wrote, “Accordingly Constantine enjoined on all the subjects of the Roman empire to observe the Lord’s day, as a day of rest, and also to honor the day which precedes, namely, the Sabbath.”

And just so I can get proof that this was not a made-up quote from Eusebius, I was able to find a copy printed in 1659 in both Latin and Greek parallel columns. I will post my findings once I read this in the original languages.

Until then… realize that Constantine might have actually been a Sabbath keeper. How exciting!

Copied from Nathanael Kuechenberg’s Facebook Post

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