These are the two most common questions I have heard from people who are about to lose the rest of their faith in God. Or, as I’m inspired to say, “lose the rest of their life in God’s presence.”

To get these answers, the person asking must be honest to-the-raw level of their perspective in life. What have they honestly done to get closer to God? What have they done to see His perspective on you? What have you done to see what He is doing for you?

If a child develops the habit of ignoring their parent, then it will only get worst. How can it get better without some sort of course correction? We pull away from God, and we notice that he is getting quieter, but our nature is to pull away further rather than cleaving onto Him. Who’s fault is this?

If you don’t grab hold of Christ, who has cleaved you onto God, and take rest in Him, then you are also going to have a problem hearing God over your own groaning and grunting on trying to climb your way to God, rather than seeing you’re are already there.

I am saddened how many times I have given God’s directions to people, for them to ignore every single bit of it, then blame God, or blame His ministers.

The most common direction I give to people, and they see the fruits of the actions:

  • Spend at least 30 minutes with God.
  • Review who you are in Christ, reading the whole list every day.
  • Stop saying no to trying and doing the same thing when it bears fruit. Just because it isn’t an instant magic spell doesn’t mean it isn’t working.
  • Stop eating sugar
  • Find excuses to not spend money.
  • Finish something
  • Stick to the plan.

Some of my current friends will see that list and think I am talking about them. All of this is talking about me. I am no better than my friends and parishioners. In the Apostle Paul’s words, I have a long history of being “O’Man”. If you read Romans Chapter 1, you will get why man fails. You will get why these 7 items are impossible to keep for most people.

Don’t fret. Romans 12:2 “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” That is, address what is in your brain, and your body will follow. What do you feed your brain, your heart will follow.


A gardener who keeps trampling his own garden will never be able to dine off the fruits of his labor.

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