When you are a guardian, and your ward passes, you have a lot to do. I’ll post details once I’m done. Suffice it to say, long before you are in the position where someone has to take care of you, go see an elder care lawyer, and get your affairs taken care of quickly. Well before you need assistance.

A will means nothing if all of your assets are liquidated to keep you in a nursing home one more month.

Medicare only kicked in once you own nothing, and you are in debt.

If your kids are lazy and unreliable, pick another guardian or power of attorney.

Do not plan on being a burden on your kids, because you will be a bigger one than they are willing to deal with. Protecting your mind and body is your primary job until the day happens when you cannot.

Even if you do everything right, there may still be a chance that you will end up being a burden to them. They winning goal is to keep it minimal. Be humble and thankful if you are one, so that they don’t seem as punished for your time.

I’ll post more after I’m done with my mother’s affairs.

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