• Chief Director and Head Minister at Without Sin, Virtual Presense, USA.
  • Elder at The Grace of Christ Ministry, Vaisalia CA, USA.
  • Fellow Director at Shalom Yeshua Ministries, Evansville IN, USA.
  • Contributor at Brotherhood of the Leaf, Lake Forest, CA, USA.

Author of the book: Christian Freedom!, the Sequal to Adam Kokesh’s Freedom! Book.

Streams In The Desert

by Hazel Straub It is a new season. Release, surrender and let go of the things that would keep you from living joyfully. God has new and fresh … Streams In The Desert

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Yahweh’s Great Kindness!

by Hazel Straub Yahweh, our covenant keeping God is with us. He is our refuge and shelter from all that would harm us. He is trustworthy and deserves… Yahweh’s Great Kindness!

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What is tithing, why do it, and why do churches promote it?

The word tithe literally means tenth. Farmers, herdsmen, and even people growing herbs in their backyard would submit 10 percent of their harvest to the Levitical Temple as a tithe. Did you tithe if you were not a farmer, herdsman, or didn’t have a yard? Yes. But not of your harvest or your livestock, but…

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Where is God? Where is his power in my life?

These are the two most common questions I have heard from people who are about to lose the rest of their faith in God. Or, as I’m inspired to say, “lose the rest of their life in God’s presence.” To get these answers, the person asking must be honest to-the-raw level of their perspective in…

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Calling a person ___phobic does not heal broken people.

Phobic or phobia indicates fear of something. I am neither afraid of trans or homosexual people. I strongly believe that the vast majority of people are not afraid of them. I love the people, just not their sin. Please note that scripturally speaking, all sin is worthy of death. That it’s from the smallest sin,…

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A giant stressor is done

Taking care of aging family members is stressful, but now, I have one more giant step of this resolved! Yay! Now comes the hard parts, and the return to adding teachings to the site.

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Psalms 22 – NASB

This is for those who claim that the OT was not written with the knowledge of Christ Jesus. The whole scripture is about Christ Jesus. We are the benefactors. Psa 22:1 For the music director; upon Aijeleth Hashshahar. A Psalm of David. My God, my God, why have You forsaken me? Far from my help…

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Who has to provide proof?

A Christian is walking with God, and preaching His word. Another person walks up and declares there is no God. Who has to prove their stance? Neither. There is no actual request or demand for proof. Same first person, but the second shouts “Prove it!” How would you prove it?  Ask them to join you…

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